My husband scammed me – Lady cries out…


A twitter user stirred up some reactions after she lamented how her husband allegedly misled her with false identity. The lady claimed that she was attracted to him while he displayed attributes of being her fantasy only to metamorphose into a personality that she considered appalling.

According to her tweet, the lady narrated how her husband would express some passion for rap and rap music which she considers exciting, she fell in love with what she was seeing thereby swaying her into tying the knot with him to be closer enough to the object of her fascination.
However, the road seems to come to an end as she discovered that her once exciting rap loving husband is more interested in traditional music mostly by gospel Fuji Artiste Ayefele which unfortunately doesn’t excite her. It appears that she has probably been bibbity bobbity boo’ed in jumping into a mirage.

Finally she advised singles ladies to look carefully before sliding into the arms of any Man and don’t be fooled by outward appearance.


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