Savagery: Hilarious tweets between a buyer and seller.

Group of people laughing to savagery tweet

A twitter user got the most amusing savagery reply of his life after he attempted to patronize an online vender who deals with the sale of exotic shoes via a tweet.

The vendor shared photos of very classy looking shoes indicating there were for sale and prompted interested buyers to hit the DM to make offers for any possible transaction. A twitter user who obviously appeared unwilling to wade across the thread attempted to make a bargain over the public tweet which the vendor played along with. But unfortunately the buyer’s proposed offer for the shoes was met with a comic disapproval from the vendor whose reply sent a ripple of laughter across social media.

Taking a closer look at this incident, it’s very striking to point out that the level of moral sanity of Nigerians on social media has slipped down to a very decadent state. People seems not to have a slight respect for each others feelings anymore. Nigerians look forward to any slight chance to hurl provocative words at each others in the name of savagery. Like a social media user exclaimed some time ago “Some people think they are savage, but in reality they just don’t have manners”.

On the part of the buyer here, it would have been more honorable for him to inbox the seller to make offers for a purchase rather than throwing it out publicly like a Bazaar market or auctioning event where the highest bidder takes home the prize. The loss of cultural values and proper home training caused by the freedom of expression on social media has placed the young generation on an alarming scale.
Just like a real market situation, nobody stands outside a retail store to bargain for goods. The same principles ought to be applied anywhere, online or offline ; it doesn’t matter the medium. A market is anywhere a transaction of goods/services for a transfer of money equivalent is made anyway.

But a greater part of moral reprimand goes to the seller. It’s a very common phenomenon in a marketplace to come across bargainers who bastardize products by offering ridiculous prices. But it’s socially unacceptable to dehumanize such people, some courtesy is needed if one has to excel. Be polite but firm, attitude goes a long way in marketing a product more than the value of that product. Any rude comment made on a prospective patroniser not only discourages him/her from future patronages but also paints a negative image of the seller if the words spreads out, preventing other intending buyers from engaging as nobody wants to be the butt of an expensive joke.

It all boils down to the social media menace called “savagery”. Which had played a major role in the lack of empathy among Nigerians if which not checked in time, the next generation could be in serious trouble.


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