[Video] Man breaks down in tears, rolling in the mud after his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal


A man publicly made a scene after his marriage proposal was turned down by the lady of his dreams. The persistent man unwilling to let her go resorted to pleading, rolling in the mud unmindful of his white attire and finally burst into tears to the dismay of everyone present.

The man who looks in his mid forties has probably been longing to settle down, but it’s likely that he hadn’t much luck with that. Fortune looked like it smiled on him when the fair lady in the video must have been entangled with him for long. The love affair might have blossomed so greatly to the point where he wish to take her to the altar.

However, his expectations was met with a very cold rebuff as his marriage proposal was turned down by the lady. Seeing his dreams vanishing, he tried to make amends by making efforts to coax her into accepting his advances. But try as he may, the scene gets more awkward as they drew so much attention towards them making it harder for the lady to accept. Some onlookers we’re heard making jest of the man as he makes a comic work of himself…

See video here:


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