Advice to upcoming artistes/musicians.



  • Who are my target audience?
  • Who have I been selling to all these while?
  • Are they even paying attention?
  • If they are, why aren’t they buying?

If you take your time to answer the questions carefully, e go shock you sey “one” of the “many” reasons why we no dey sell na because we dey do “FAMILY & FRIENDS” Entertainment.

So, it affects our every move!

  • It affects our streams and downloads: they feel like they know us already. So, no need listening to, or downloading our music. To them, we won’t sound different. The highest length they can go is to share our posts – reason why one records 1,000+ shares, but only 11 plays, and 20 download.
  • it affects our ticket sales: because we have so boxed ourselves into the Family & Friends circle, to some extent, they tend to place little or no value on us. Buying our events tickets looks like we are cheating them. They feel their free attendance alone is enough support. Them don see you finish na, wetin remain?
  • It affects the turnout of our events: especially when you pack your friends full for your bill or sell only to your fellow entertainers (wey no understand showbiz): As them or their friend perform finish, show don close for them be that oh. To make matters worse, 1 act will come with like 10 of his friends, and demand free entrance. Baddest!
    Others will come late, perform and disappear!

It goes on and on…

Someone will ask, “is it wrong to sell to your family and friends?”

My dear, it’s not wrong, IF you are treating your cause as a business and relate with them with the business mindset.

When you go with the “we are in this together” approach, some of them starts feeling entitled to God knows what!

Bottom Line:

  • Revisit your brand!
  • Set your values right!
  • Identify a Market!
  • Build a Team!
  • Stay focus!
  • Differentiate your brand from your person!
  • Build more partners than friends – with your brand!
  • Build a Strategy!
  • Get more education!
  • Never stop growing!

Good luck!

Credit: Roy Clintson


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