Abov C’Diz: if I want sex, I’ll make sure she wants it too.

Abov C'Diz

Abov C’Diz resonates that he has never participated in brainwashing any lady to bed.

The issue of many guys asking ladies out with the intention of getting laid has been lingering for long among youths for so many generations.

Guys reportedly employ every slick means to hang out with any lady who catches their fancy with the sole purpose of getting his hands into her undies in the end. Guys resort to wooing ladies with a lot of money or spending even their entire life savings as long as they’ll finally occupy her local government. Some go as far as forcefully assaulting the would be victim to achieve their aim.

A Facebook user sought the opinions of the public in a popular group known as IGBO RANT HQ about a common strategy used by guys to lure ladies to bed.

Quote: “Come to my house, I won’t touch you. Ladies let us hear your experience on that”.

Replying to this, Popular gospel minister Abov C’Diz stated that he adheres to his principles of maintaining his words if he should invite a lady over with a promise of not taking advantage of her.
Abov C’Diz reiterated that if his decision of inviting someone over was because of sex, he would be sure to make his intentions obvious through the invitation.

Abov C’Diz declared that he’d never forced nor taken advantage of anybody before and isn’t prepared to do so, he admitted that all his previous sexual escapades were based on mutual consent.

See screenshots here:

Is Abov C’Diz really engaging in premarital sexual affairs?


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