ClassicB; Port Harcourt’s most underated artiste


Lionel Tamuno jnr. popularly known as ClassicB is a very familiar name which is lingering in the Port Harcourt music industry for a good number of years now. The young artiste whose fame on social media constitutes of a very large fanbase is one of the few artistes who could boast of such amazing exploits. There’s an undeniable evidence that this kid is endowed with so much talent which is sadly going unnoticed or rather hasn’t met up to expectations.

ClassicB is the founder and ex-CEO of Port Harcourt’s most trending team known as Popping Billionaires Team (PBT) which boasted of young starlets like Coolest Jay, Kingpraise, Bah Sil, Goldy G, Demean, Lil Pizzy, Chardy and a host of others who owe their musical career to him. His influence also boosted other artistes like Phredo, Phoenix, Starborn Icris, Elshady and a few others.

ClassicB’s very first musical project which he titled “Jesus Got Me” garnered an estimated 20,000 downloads online in the first 6 months which is a feat most upcoming artistes fails to achieve. The song found its way into almost every device mostly around Rumuodara area and environs. ClassicB proved to the world that he’s a force to be reckoned with as fans ate up the song with gusto demanding for more. His subsequent releases Blood, Birthday Freestyle, Ph city saw his relevance in the increase greatly, music lovers fell in love with his clever punchlines and style of delivery making him Port Harcourt’s most promising upcoming artiste.

However, irrespective of the young artiste’s achievements, his relationship with Media Works (Ph city’s biggest music promoter), trumping other acts like Steel Six and Rocamula to an award, his ability to pull large crowds to his PBT parties and having his name engraved on Port Harcourt’s music wall of fame. It seems that ClassicB isn’t living up to his full potentials yet compared to his compatriots Dandizzy and Kolaboy who started the journey to stardom together with him at the same period. There’s a question as to why top record labels haven’t picked up interest in him and why he isn’t getting any significant endorsements like others.

It’s noteworthy to point out that clearly ClassicB’s rap skills is better than most artistes who’ve made the spotlights, but why isn’t he the talk of the town?. ClassicB is just recognized as one of the talented kids in Port Harcourt when he’s supposed to be making the headlines on all blogs and media. His lyrics are at a level where he ought to be compared to Artistes like Yung6ix, AQ, Vector etc.

Definitely there’s something he’s not doing right. Probably his challenge might be lack of good management. ClassicB is single handedly pushing his career but it looks like his managing skills are too poor for his talent. He released his first official song Obimo after a long anticipation when most of his fans are already tired of waiting. Joining the list of anticipated songs include “Ur Father” and “Date your Mother” which is still unreleased after over 3 years of anticipation. Though Obimo has gathered more that 11 thousand streams on AudioMack, and his latest release “God no go shame us (GNGSU)” raking in a significant number of streams as well, he still can’t be compared to Dandizzy whose music has extended beyond the borders of Port Harcourt.
Part of the decline in ClassicB’s followership might be the death hoax he pulled on April fool’s day some years ago to the displeasure of his fans, that singular act earned him a lot of criticisms from his supporters who were displeased by the expensive joke.

ClassicB is definitely the most talented artiste the Nigerian music industry is yet to witness. If proper attention is paid to him, he might as well be the biggest music superstar Port Harcourt might produce. The young artiste has more in store, let’s hope he makes the spotlight soon.


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