Mia Khalifa: I regret my stay in the adult industry


Mia Khalifa ventured into the porn industry at the age of 21 from Lebanon her home country. She moved to America where she got her big break after taking the invitation to feature in a movie and thereafter signed a contract with an adult movie industry, an action which she regretted 6 years later.

Mia Khalifa’s 3 months stay in the industry seems to be a legendary move as she became the world’s most popular pornstar in the year 2015. However, her involvement in adult movies appeared to be a move she would later on regret as she claimed she doesn’t own the rights to the videos she featured on. Also speaking about how the industry exploited her, she claimed she was subjected to a meagre payroll while the company made a fortune off her.

After Mia Khalifa’s exit from the adult movie industry, her legacy still lingers on, the ex-porn actress exclaimed that she’s suffered a lot of losses, including her family, friends, country, dignity and respect. Her pursuit of a glamorous career in social media seems not to pacify her as people always makes reference to her videos littered over the internet and she had wished over the years for a possibility of having her movies taken off the internet which looks impossible because of her inability to gain control of the adult contents.

Mia Khalifa bemoaning the fact that while she received death threats and hate speeches from some members of the public, it’s absurd to note that her attackers make up the large number of people who consumes the adult contents she’s featured in.

Speaking against the adult movie industry, Mia Khalifa stated that she had appealed to gain control of her domain name and be granted access to her movies but instead she was offered a lot of money by the industry to return to porn acting.
Reply to a tweet by a sympathizer who feels she deserved more than what she got from the industry, she revealed her preference to erase the 3 months involvement in the industry rather than accepting another dime from the proceeds of her movies.

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