Police Brutality: Slowtalker allegedly molested by SARS


Upcoming singer Chidi Otuechere popularly known as Slowtalker has casted asperate dyslogies on the special anti corruption squad (SARS) for non panegyric actions.

The singer narrated on his Facebook timeline how members Of SARZ allegedly molested and extorted some money off him with unproven charges of fraud tendencies.

Slowtalker explained that while he dutifully complied with all of the instructions, surrendering his mobile devices for examination and having his social media accounts scrutinized, The molesters went further to arrest him with accusations of being a fraudster without concrete evidence.
However, the assailants forced him into their vehicle only to demand for some money, threatening to strike him with a rifle if he objects. The assailants allegedly forcefully seized all the money he had on him and released him empty handed.


“I was going to park road from ogborhill to get a pack cover for my phone 
And we were only two in the keke i was wearing a white EDGE polo and a jogars
So they stopped our keke i taught it was because of FACE MASK they looked at my face for a while and asked me to come down,and I obeyed them and came down,they asked for my phone and I gave them the phone they asked me to open it I did so,he asked hope u re not a fraudster I said no sir,he checked my WHATSAPP,EMAIL,INSTAGRAM,TWITTER and he couldn’t find anything illegal and he asked me if am a musician I said yes,he said that am going to the station with them,I said “why sir what crime did I commit,he said am a YAHOO boy they forced me so I have to free myself and enter inside their small mini bus they said I should give them money I said for what kwanu,the other guy wanted to hit me his gun i have to bring out all the money in my pocket and give them,they released me and gave me back my phone and I came down from the bus and they drove off😭 #End_sars

Slowtalker is just one of the numerous Abia State based music artistes who fell victims to harassments by the Special Anti robbery squad. It can be recalled that Loveworld Nation’s Music stars Tmiez and subsequently Truth Wealth had previously recounted cases of molestation and intimidation, and also M3cube legendary photographer Don Nolly had fallen victim too.


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