Daddy Freeze: Men, always let your spouse check your phone…

Daddy Freeze

Popular controversial OAP Daddy Freeze sends a word of advice to men to allow their spouses access to their phone, thereby giving them unrestricted freedom to check DMs, Logs and Bank account balance inclusive.

A lot of married men in the society are careful enough to keep their phones out of their spouses reach in order to avoid a confrontation. Such people are said to definitely have something to hide. If there’s nothing to be afraid of, then there’s absolutely no need to keep their devices private.
However, this issue has long be debated against by a lot of people who feels everybody has a right to privacy, married or not. Unrestricted access to the privacy of your spouse would definitely bring up sentiments that would threaten the trust in that relationship.

Daddy Freeze who feels that relationships would work better with total transparency shared on Twitter his belief that it’s best for men to allow their wives freedom to check their inbox whenever they feel like, including bank account balances. He stressed that relationships would grow healthier if this practice is applied, and if such transparency is not present in any relationship then both parties have not yet started…


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