Derek Minor shuns Donald Trump.


American Christian hip hop artiste and producer Derek Minor has announced his intent to practice an online social distancing on President of the United States Donald Trump.

The co-founder of the Reflection Music Group (RMG) who tweeted his intention to abstain from expressing his opinions on any tweet by the President mildly stated the reason for his decision as avoiding a tongue-lash from some overzealous Trump’s supporters whom he described as “weirdos”.

Speaking on the recent alleged suicide victims, Derek Minor referred to the 7 incidents as not a coincidence. He hinted that no member of the black community would chose to dangle between the ropes in the midst of a racial crises.


“You’re not gonna convince me that all of a sudden multiple black men are choosing to commit suicide by hanging themselves in the middle of these racially charged times. “

See tweets below:


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