Donseth: I don’t have respect for some ladies…


Lagos based music producer Donseth revealed through his Facebook timeline his dislike for some ladies whom he described as “not what they claim to be”.

The leader of OneMic explained that some ladies who appear pious in the eyes of many are actually nothing to write home about. Donseth claimed that the so called committed sisters in church we’re sighted seeking favours on Facebook from a popular self acclaimed “Mama Lawo”. The legendary producer said he lost all respect for some those ladies whom he recognized personally for their negligence of the fetish conditions surrounding the said Mama Lawo.

Donseth advised guys to be wary of the kind of woman they intend marrying as most of them might turn out to be what they don’t expect.


“I lost the respect I have for some #ladies the very day I saw some of them on a young lady’s page who claim she is a #witch typing #Amen and claiming declaration from a self acclaimed #Mama lawo in the middle of the night.

Despite the fact the lady stated it clearly that she woke up mid night to do some #rituals and #fortifications on those items, yet they didn’t mind.

I don’t have any problem with the lady because she is excercising her #fundamental human #right. As a matter of fact I respect her for being true to her #beliefs but I have problem with those ladies who claim what they are not.

Life is polarised. You can’t be here and there same time.

Some of them were people held in high esteem long before then.

Majority of them are church workers and committed members of different churches.

Some had their pastors and GO pictures as their profile… That’s by the way.

Guys!!! Listen up, don’t get carried away, some of those your church sisters/ brothers are not what they claim to be. They are just #busy for God.

See, in this life never commit to any man or woman if you don’t know what his or her #values and #convictions are.

There will always be a day in a man’s life when your convictions will be your saving grace.

Such ladies, under intense pressure will visit Baba lawo and sleep with fake #prophets.

5 years into the marriage and child didn’t come, they will step into places where #angels are ashamed to set their feet.

Beauty is good, killer #curves are fantastic, make up will fade away one day but values will remain.

Dear kings, make sure you marry a woman that will be able to take right decisions even at the point when you are #unconscious not ladies who are tossed around by every wind of doctrine and #social media #give away.

My name is Donseth Beat and don’t forget that here is my timeline if you truly understand what that means.”


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