Kennybeats plans to fulfills little kid’s dream with free home studio.


Kennybeats volunteers to build home studio for a little kid after a twitter user made fun of him via a meme.

A twitter user with the handle @buckestcowboy tweeted a hilarious photo of the young boy apparently recording some vocals in his room with his mobile phone and a headset, the tweeter texted alongside the photo “he supposed to be cleaning his room, not in the damn studio”.

Seems the meme of the little boy met it’s lucky star as the tweet caught attention of ace beatmaker Kennybeats. The producer who obviously admired the boy’s passion and seeming persistence towards his dream sets off a chain of philanthropists who tweeted their willingness to aid in acquiring a complete set of home studio for the lad.

Kennybeats who intentionally hides his identity on social media called for a search for the talented kid indicated that anyone with useful information on how the kid could be located should volunteer. In no time, the kind gesture paid off beautifully as it appears the future star had been located via his YouTube channel.
Kennybeats and his band of philanthropists are ready to fulfill the boy’s dream.

See tweets below:


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