Tim Godfrey and Korede Bello collabo is wrong – Seth Ibrahim

Tim Godfrey and Korede Bello


By Seth Ibrahim (Impact Connect Network)

I saw people arguing about whether or not it is okay for Tim Godfrey to feature Korede Bello?

Well, how about Elijah featuring the prophets of Baal?

How about about Moses featuring the Magicians of Pharaoh?

How about Paul featuring that girl with familiar spirit?

How about Philip and Peter collaborating with Simon the Sorcerer?

Imagine Theophilus featuring Lady Gaga, for what??
Whether it is okay for A GOSPEL MUSICIAN to feature a SECULAR(WORLDLY) ONE?
First let’s define terms here, because definition is key to perception.

A gospel artist is someone who is believed to live and sing in line with biblical injunctions. The word of God is his song.

A secular one is someone who cannot be bound by biblical injunctions and rules of life.
What does it mean to feature someone? 
Are you aware that when Nathaniel Bassey features Victoria Orinze what it means is that he approves of her character and her value systems and therefore endorses or recommends her “products'” to everyone?

So when Sinach features Beyonce for example, what does it mean? It means she approves of her person and her value systems and therefore endorses and recommends her “songs” to everyone.

You will now see that after the song, some believers will go and start listening Beyonce’s other songs since she has been approved by a Kingdom person…
We are talking about the fact that it could win them back to Christ. Lol, childish thoughts.

About three years ago, Tasha Cobbs featured Nikki Minaj, where is she now? In the Kingdom? Did that win her to Christ?

Look, Light and darkness have nothing in common, some people say Jesus Christ mingle with unbelievers, the relationship of Jesus and unbelievers were on the ground of DOCTOR AND PATIENT and not on the ground of COLLEAGUES and coworkers.

Someone was asking if there is any law that bars Gospel musicians to work with Secular(by secular you know what I mean) artistes?
I ask, they should work together to ACHIEVE WHAT?

Besides, I rarely hear that WORLDLY musicians featured any GOSPEL MINISTER.

Imagine NAIRA MARLEY featuring LAWRENCE OYOR, you want to spoil his show ni?

They know that and won’t allow that to happen. They have a mission, influence…they want a particular culture to be ingrained in the hearts of people.

2 Corinthians 6:14: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” 
Someone said all that matters is that the message should be passed across,

What message? That it is possible for salty water and fresh water to come from the same spring? Or that it is possible to be worldy and the same time spiritual? 
That there’s no difference between light and darkness or that it is possible for light and darkness to DWELL TOGETHER?

Ah, come on now, no wonder we have such level filthiness in church, you see the way some believers act you wonder where they learnt it from?

Let me answer you, they are tapping from another civilization. That civilization is Babylonian in Nature.

Jesus hung out with sinners, and they #CHANGED, he didn’t minister WITH them, he ministered TO them first.
Socialising, doing business and ministering to is SO DIFFERENT from MINISTERING WITH.

I don’t care who does it who has has been doing it, it is wrong.

If a complete secular artist who has been promoting immorality in his/her brand just got saved and got filled with the Holy Spirit same day, please he/she should let us know he/she has been changed and shifted grounds before talking about ministering to people.

That’s why after such collabos, they go back to lives and continue to promote the sinful habits because they weren’t saved and/or discipled in the first place.

Dear Christians, we love sinners, and we minister TO them but we hate sin and we DON’T or SHOULDN’T minister with unbelievers.

The gosple is self sufficient, don’t try to help it with carnal schemes.I even think that it is arrant pride to think that our conformist methods can win people to Christ because it is “if I(Jesus) be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself…

I don’t condemn Tim, i don’t judge him but I don’t support this that he wants to do. – 1 Cor 2:15. Selah

If someone is not for us, he is against us. If he is not in support of Kingdom Advance then he is against it.

Besides, an INDUSTRY is not the same thing with A MINISTRY. In ministry you EDIFY, in the INDUSTRY you ENTERTAIN, Is that clear?

In ministry, there are rules of engagement.
If its ministry you want to do you have to follow the rules here.

Now, don’t tell me that we have liberty in Christ and therefore we are not bound by rules…

LISTEN, we are not UNDER THE LAW but we are not also a lawless people.

Let there be a clear demarcation between ZION and BABYLON.

ZION and BABYLON can never collaborate, if they do, that is what is called HARLOTRY in scriptures.

My ink for this case has finished.

ON TIM GODFREY FEATURING KOREDE BELLO(Long Reading, please endure it, you won't die?)I saw people arguing about…

Posted by Impact Connect Network on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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