Upcoming Artistes: here’s what you might not be doing right.


The Nigerian music industry has undergone a huge change over the years. Artistes, record labels, DJs, OAPs, all seem to make up a significant part of the industry. But millions of upcoming stars are all hidden somewhere behind the scenes because of lack of opportunities, loss of motivation or simply because they don’t know their way around the industry.

In this present age, all you need to get up there is to “KNOW THE NUMBERS, AND DO THE MATHS”

It’s no longer an “only lyrics or sweet voice” game anymore. It’s currently about “who is topping which chart”. That’s what the big guys looks out for.

Even the world’s systems, and Governments pays attention to the nations topping the charts (both in good, and bad).

We are hurriedly moving away from the Era of waiting for the blow job, right now you go grab the job and give it a blow. A star can be born any day, but only the smart ones can shine.

Remember; you can be Talented, and still be stuck right where you started. You may not want to follow trends and all that. But what if it’s not a trend?

Don’t think the guys running all Social media Apps were stupid when they reviewed their algorithm to make it compulsory for page owners to promote their pages, and posts before it can reach their targeted audience? Well, at first people thought the guys on the other side kinda lost it, that people will stop using these Apps. But then, here we are… You don’t sponsor, you work extra.
It’s a number game out there. Are you ready to Play the Game?

Let’s consider the idea of streaming. Or rather “SPONSORED STREAMS”.
These streams are not generated by robots or machines. The truth is, so many upcoming artistes do not understand the business, and rather than ask questions, they just try to kill the vibe. Musicians keep saying they want to be like either Davido, Wizkid, Rema, Fireboy etc but lacks the willingness to do things the way the BIG GUYS are doing it.
The numbers we are seeing are not fake, they are real. True, the streamers may not be you, or from the city, but then, the numbers are from humans like you…

How did they get these humans to stream these songs you have refused to stream?


Same way people pay the Tunde Ednuts to make posts for them, so a larger audience can see them, that’s how some of these acts pay companies (who people listen to) to help them promote their songs – by adding them on their playlists. Most of these Playlist have thousands of listeners, and once your songs are streamed it also reflects on your main Playlist. So, whether it’s your local fan base that streams the song or not, the songs were streamed. It’s all a game of numbers.
There’s a difference between doing music, and doing Music Business. Which are you in for?

Let you cause guide you!!!


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