How to become rich easily


There is no doubt that a lot of us what to become successful in our various homes and families. This is something most of us from poor family background seek and desire to become a reality.

1. Having Good Educational Background

This is something no one should ever throw away; going through good educational system will improve your capabilities and enhance your capacity to think effectively and make you stand out in your family. Well, people will say, “nor be money them take dey go school”? Yes I agree but not usually they case.

Education are of two type; formal and informal system of education. In other words, one is learnt from home and environment while the other is learnt in school system. The one that is learnt from home and environment is very well effective.

As long as you can read, you can begin to make money and that can start from online, rendering home services and other form of it as a young person and this majorly doesn’t need certificate to do.

After having a general educational background, which is from the level of primary and secondary school system, you can groom yourself on your own by studying and learning ways of survival. Many of us think that once you go through higher institution; doors of money will open once. That’s a big Fat Lie; there is no such miracles.

How this will help you in becoming rich is that, it will make you understand simply terms and logic behind doing business or engaging in business. Let me explain further; as long as you know how to read, write and understand, making money becomes easy. Now, you take leverage of that and work on yourself.

You cannot stand out when you cannot express yourself publicly neither can you apply for a simple job or training which doesn’t need university degree, when you cannot properly represent yourself. Now, going through a simple good educational background will make you ready for available opportunities and going through higher education make you more standard.

I will also point out here that, it is not by going to school. Know what you are studying, put your mind into it and build your mind towards it. Also, get involved in external programs, training and volunteer job while in school. This will prepare you and build you for jobs and also for entrepreneurship and empowerment opportunities when available.

It will help you create your own job in the end and that is one successful way you can become rich.

2. Learning A Trade or Business

Majority of the richest men in Nigeria today are the Igbos. They don’t depend on government job or oil money. They believe in a simple trade called buying and selling most especially goods which they import and probably export as well. Don’t be too proud by saying “I’m a graduate, how can I learn a trade.”

That is a very wrong mindset to have. Learning a trade as a graduate is a plus to you because you have basic standard educational knowledge; you were involved in statistics and entrepreneurship courses back in school; that will make you stand out in the game.

Trade is something that brings daily money and if you can learn one and raise money to invest in one, it will make you earn on your own and not depending on monthly payments from your boss. So, learn a trade, serve a master if you know you can do this and at the end acquire that business knowledge and gain some contacts. Then start your own business and become rich.

3. Engage in Skill Acquisition

This is a very good one too. It is just like learning a trade. These days, a lot of young folks get involved in skills acquisition programs. Most skills these days are from the internet world, computer system programs and hand skill jobs and they are doing well in it.

In fact, most requirements for employment nowadays are majorly on having a basic computer knowledge and how to use most of the computer programs that run with the internet.

A skill make you unique and having one as an educated person make you extremely unique. You can leverage on your skills to render services at a different level to your client and customers compared to the uneducated ones. In fact, this is one way to be easily rich by being unique.

It is also like a daily money earning as well. Because you are patronize and then you earn from the services you render. For example, you read of different testimonies of how some opera news hub writers earn so well here. They didn’t just become writers overnight. Many of them learnt it, they devoted their time and energy into doing this.

That is what service rendering is all about. And you see some in this platform are better than others because they keep learning and enhancing their writing techniques.

4. Investing Your Profits or Earnings

This is something so many of us fail to do. Once, we make profits we spend it on cars, houses and social needs. A wise man invest his profits in order to generate more cash. Investing your profits or earnings is not necessarily by putting it back into the business.

It could be in form of acquiring properties, by shares and investing in another business probably a joint business to generate more earnings for yourself. You can be a salary earner and still invest your salary on another business through savings.


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