The girl child: values and worth to our society.

The girl child

A short story narrated by a young man about a girl child goes as follows:

“One Sunday morning in church, this lovely little girl ran and hugged me while I was praying. She left me and ran off to her mom again. While the sermon was on, she ran to me again. This time she demanded I carry her and this was the problem I had to face.

I reluctantly ask her to run down to her mom but she refused. And I tried playing with her while she stood with me but she insisted to be lifted up. 

Now I had to insist not carrying her because I am not married and don’t have a child yet. And do not want misrepresentation and misinterpretation.” 

Like the young man in the story, bachelors and single men are suspects sexually in our society and no one ought to be blamed for having such mindset. And this is the reason the young man refused playing with the baby girl child in the story above. 

Most single men innocently don’t have any wrong thoughts at the beginning but such innocence doesn’t last longer because not all of them can overcome sexual temptation. 
So when they fall into temptation, little children and playful naive teenagers are their victims. This is why parents, mothers especially need to be at alert.

Many men end up fingering little girls and raping them, now not because they wanted or planned it. But because such opportunity presented itself, so also are the devilish thoughts; what follows is the destructive act you don’t like to hear. Like a carnivorous animal devouring its prey, they descended on your daughters and expose them early to a world they shouldn’t know yet.

Most of the sexual destructive acts; rape and its likes on little girls usually come from known faces, e.g family, neighbours and friends. Stop looking at unknown faces. Just like if you are a parent, report has it that 70% of your male friends, male acquaintances, male colleagues who have seen and know your daughter have toasted her or try to have make passes at her at your back. Stop saying it is not possible and start asking your daughters vital questions while your eyes pop out on the look out. 

The girl child is a value sex gender and being. Parents with the girl child should be careful and watchful. (Quote: Solomon Ekpo)

Since the advent of all kind of barbaric tales with the girl child: rape, molestation, kidnap and its kind, some responsible guys reportedly drastically stopped carrying the girl child. Some will play with the child openly where the parents are watching but decline to carry and respectfully refuse to be left with the child to be looked after as much as they might love and cherish baby girls.

Well raised men loves and tries to keep their morality and hates being stained with insinuations and stuff that do not bring honour. So most avoid paths, things and people who would misconstrue good intentions for evil. 

Notwithstanding, some findings indicates that men, extended male family members, male friends etc, who not just planned but discuss with their other friends on plots to be sexually involved with the naive girl child. So as parents, it’s your responsibility to be at alert and mind errands you send your girl child to your male acquaintances.

The natural man has the tendencies of doing evil if opportunity presents itself. The twisting fingers of a man often move to perpetuate shameful acts – disgusting traits women will naturally frown at. It’s just like the moving eyeballs of a man unveiling the nakedness of other women whilst he walks with his wife.
Women and mothers, please get vigilant. Not all bachelors, single men or even randy married men have good thoughts toward your girl child. If she is less than 12 years of age, the ‘nice ones’ will count years ahead of her maturity before they start devouring her. While the heartless ones reason with their fingers and tongues, hope you know what that means!

At the tail end of her teenage years, expose the issues of sex in its raw form to her. Don’t mince words to let her know the dignity of staying chaste; repercussions of early pregnancy without marriage and the good, bad and ugly of wrong association. Then guide her as she tries to live through life making her choices and asking important questions along the line.

Like a disciplinary African mother would keep hammering on her daughters, “be careful whatever you do, I will never carry my grand children with shame…” 

It’s believed every mother out there has something of honour she wants to live with through her baby, now grown up girl. Always insist and keep hammering on formidable principle(s) your grown up girl child will always remember whenever she chooses to mess herself up. That way, she realises, there’s a foundation of dignity you have laid that she must by all means build upon to be in your good books. 

Remember, most baby girls grow up to understand that they live in a world where men see them as sex objects rather than value added beings. As parents, how you see them and the values inculcated on them, will make them conform or standout in the society. Teach them right!…


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