Trump bans transgender in US.


I Don’t Want to See Anything Like Transgender Again In US –
Donald Trump Ends Law Encouraging Transgender
On Friday, Donald Trump who is the president of the United
States puts an end to an Obama-era regulation that prevented
transgender patients from being discriminated against while
receiving health care.
The new policy by Trump has been long-awaited by his
religious and conservative supporters. In the new policy,
gender is now defined as a person’s biological sex, unlike the
Obama regulation that defined gender as a person’s internal
sense of being either, male, female, neither or a combination.
There are also moves by the administration to restrict
transgender men and women from serving in the military.
Under former President Barack Obama administration rule,
hospitals in the United States could be required to perform
gender-transition operations (changing from boy to girl or vice
versa), such as hysterectomies (removing of the womb).
The Obama-era rule made it easy for people to transform from
boys to girls or from girls to boys, but with Trump putting an
end to it, there will be difficult going forward.
Already Lesbian Bi-sexual Gay, Transgender and Queer
(LBGTQ) groups are protesting against the new law by Trump.


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